In today's competitive market, Software applications have to keep pace with increasing business demands. Business
users are increasingly impatient with IT systems that fail to solve real business problems. Studies indicate that Testing
represents 25-40% of the software development lifecycle activities and costs. Consequently, software testing needs to
keep pace with accelerated delivery schedules while lowering the Total Cost of Ownership. Various environments with
disparate requirements are not aligned to the overall business objectives of the organization, leading to complexity of
management and duplication of efforts. This silo based model lacks the integrated approach and objectives are not
carried end to end throughout the testing engagement cycle.

  LogSoft provides Integrated Testing Services at your arms length. We collaborate with you right at the business
requirement stage and have an integrated view of your business.  Our independent testing team is seamlessly
aligned onsite and adopts an end to end process driven approach to your testing requirements. Our ITS offerings
enable our customers to put the resource effort where it is required and will improves the delivery capability. LogSoft's
integrated testing engagement is defined in three phases: 

Initiate - Onsite - During initiation, we partner with you
Transition - Proximity Center
Stabilise - Offshore

Our portfolio of testing service offerings include:

"Build with" collaborative engagement from initial business requirements to services management
World class capabilities at scale
Complete alignment to business objectives and success measures
End to end process driven view
Industrialized tools and processes integrated in customer environment
Significant experience in client environments with broad business units and disparate requirements
Predictable testing model