Streamline your business operations with LogSoft a complete supply chain logistics management solution that
integrates your operations.

Imagine that the traditional approach to running your business inevitably increased your costs, shrank your margins
and led to a stagnating customer base. The resulting outcome is a tremendous toll on your margins and a procession
of critical errors that make it more difficult to retain (and win) clients, not less!

At Cargo Wise, we argue that for many international supply chain providers this is indeed the case! The reason why
they struggle to make an adequate profit and have difficulty winning and retaining clients is frequently a direct
consequence of the method they use to attempt to create a competitive advantage.

We call this flawed approach to business development the Operator-centric or Cottage Industry Method. This method
proceeds from the assumption that every job is unique and that providing personalized (one-to-one) service is the best
way to provide the level of service customers want. As a result, individual operators customize their processes on the
fly (resulting in impossible to manage diversity) and highly skilled operators get bogged down in repetitive, menial tasks.

1 But here's the dilemma:

• To win more clients you have no choice but to slash your prices to the bone! Yet, at the same time, they demand
the earth (and more!) of you.

• The inevitable result is your margins are squeezed from both directions.

• More clients mean more work for your operators. Moreover, the additional personalized services your clients demand
mean that the work becomes more complicated.

• Problem is: operating on such a thin margin means you can't afford extra staff!

• Inevitably, you're forced to compromise between meeting delivery deadlines (increasing processing speed) and
maintaining personalized service (accuracy).

• A no win situation!

2 What's the solution?

The solution is to recognize that within the 'normal' variation of each job, the underlying processes at work are
fundamentally the same. That is: the discrete tasks that make up jobs are standard.

It is only the sequencing and reporting on individual jobs that alters - according to the specific requirements of the

An understanding of this realization means your business can be restructured away from the costly and limited
Operator-centric approach to a new process that can dramatically improve the efficiency of your operations while
still retaining the customization and flexibility that your customers demand.

We call this the Scalable (or Systematic) Approach.

3 This solution offers operators and management four vital benefits:

• Cost reduction: delegating 'low-value' clerical tasks to lower-cost process workers while skilled labor concentrates
solely on complex compliance tasks reduces operating costs.

• Speed improvements: a production process operation reduces multitasking. Operators can concentrate on a single
task in the workflow, improving the speed of operations.

• Workflow transparency: management remains aware of the location and situation of every shipment - meaning far
less chance of missing shipping deadlines.

• Error reduction: Because both multitasking and expediting is minimized, the error rate is reduced.

LogSoft enables freight forwarders and other supply chain logistics companies to adopt the Scalable (Systematic)
Approach without the need for specialist staff and without having to sacrifice the unique customization clients' demand.

The resulting outcome is the ability to win more clients and dramatically improve customer service while simultaneously
reducing operating costs.


CargoWise recognizes the need for strict quality control and is continuously improving and developing our solutions to
meet market demands.

Strategically chosen partners, and a team of 100-plus in-house developers, enables us to provide our customers
with the best possible solutions using the latest and very best technology solutions. Our development solutions include.

4 Custom Development LogSoft has been developed with extension in mind. Application programming interfaces are
provided to allow new extensions to be developed as new versions of the software is released.

Custom development is done by the same teams who have developed the software ensuring:.

• Conformity of design.

• Effective use of existing functionality and;.

• Focused development.

5 Shared Source Code Options.

LogSoft has been developed with extension in mind. To find out more about our shared source code model, contact
your local CargoWise office..

6 Interface Development.

Our Interface Development team can work with you to ensure that LogSoft interfaces seamlessly with almost any
other IT system including:.

• Custom-built in-house systems.

• Partner Systems and;.

• Specialized hardwar/software.