In today's fast-changing software applications, complexity, technology and economical challenges give way to new problems. There is now an emphasis on security, robustness and scalability of applications. J2EE can solve most of these challenges by lessening complexity and providing a solid enterprise platform.

Logsoft employs only the latest methodologies, tools and design strategies in achieving an optimized solution for you company problems. Solutions are reached by using the latest in Java software product development. All J2EE software product developments go through an in-depth process involving inception, elaboration, construction and transition to ensure a reliable solution that meets client standards and needs. We offer various J2EE software application development services to enhance your J2EE software product development requirements, which include:

• Design and execute a comprehensive end-to-end J2EE software application development

• Implement plug-ins and extra features in the existing Java software application development

• Migration and porting of J2EE software applications on different architectures

• Migration and porting to J2EE from other proprietary architectures

• White box, performance, and stress testing of J2EE components and integration testing of the application

• Integrating J2EE applications with other back office applications