LogSoft ERP, a comprehensive business software will enhance your company's efficiencies. It will simplify the Logistics and Operations processes your business requires. The Solution will be customized to your business specific processes. This will empower you to adapt faster and cost-effectively to your customer's and market requirements. With the Software on the Cloud you can access it via the Internet from anywhere. Our packages include Maintenance, Updates and Upgrades. This saves you investments and overhead costs in IT Hardware and Human Resources
It is inevitable to manage the suppliers network and supply chains if an organization wants to win in the constant unrest of the competition. Supply Chain Management keeps the organization in pace with the rapidly changing and increasing demands. It aims to enhance sales, reduce costs and harness the asset fully by streamlining the business. It manages business process, work flow, information process filling the loop holes between the raw material and ready products. Briefly, Supply Chain Management manages all the movements from point-of-origin to point-of-consumption of products. A real Supply Chain Management Implementation enables the organization to utilize the resources and make business more efficient. It incorporates all the major segments of the business like distribution, marketing, purchase, inventory and manufacturing.

LogSoft Supply Chain Management Expertise covers a wide range of application and serves:

• Evaluation
• Integration
• End to end Implementation
• Post-implementation
• Maintenance
• Reporting
• Integration
• Data Migration and Upgrade

Few of the benefits you can enjoy choosing LogSoft as your SCM consultant are:

• Reduction of Inventory Carrying Cost
• Improving Purchasing Power
• Retaining the client
• Reducing pilferage and improving overall efficiency of the business operations. Download Brochure

If you are interested in getting more information about our SCM services, then contact us at Sales@logsoft.co.in