Pallet and Container Management made easy with PackPlan
Pallets, containers or rather any empty packaging are one of the last priorities for many manufacturers or companies.
A situation arises where empty pallets or crates are running short for production. You then have managers organising
last minute procurement of new ones from the pallet or container manufacturer or logistics service provider. This is
quite often the case the manufacturing industry. Result: an ever increasing investment in pallets and containers.
Loss of pallets and containers is frequently an issue for Production or Materials managers. LogSoft has the solution.

LogSoft’s Pallet and Container Management Solution PackPlan is a comprehensive tool for returnable packaging
logistics. PackPlan encompasses all the business processes required to manage a pool of pallets, crates,
FLC or Gitterboxes. It provides a transparency to all parties in the supply chain.

Being a web-based solution on the cloud all account holders can access the empty packaging account information
from anywhere. Be it the customers stocks or warehouse inventories all your assets can be tracked and traced and
thereby reducing losses and enhancing efficiency. Less is more. Turn over more assets with less investment.

The modular PackPlan solution will streamline your returnable and empty packaging processes and each account
holder will know their dwell times in the account. Information can flow via EDI or otherstandard formats from
one Application tothe other from your legacy systems be it SAP, Oracle or others. PackPlan can be interfaced with
any bar code scanners or RFID.

PackPlan’s Container Accounts module (CAM) will give you a good overview of all transactions in the your
supplier or OEM accounts making it transparent to one and all in your supply chain. Estimated savings potential
of 30% giving you a faster ROI.
Some benefits of PackPlan :

• Transparency in customer/supplier returnable empty stocks of pallets or containers.
• Focused planning increases availability to all
• Various Pricing models: Rental, Deposit, Fee-based Asset Control (make more out of lesser stocks)
• Higher turnover and lower dwell times
• High savings potential helping in a faster amortisation.